Pharma Freak MASS FREAK - 6800g

Adagolás: < strong>Első dózis: Fél adagot (2 adagolókanál) keverj el 300-425 ml vízben vagy tejben, reggel ezt fogyaszd elsőként. Második dózis:  Fél adagot (2 adagolókanál) keverj el 300-425 ml vízben vagy tejben, fogyaszd közvetlenül edzés után vagy ebéd és vacsora között. The World's Strongest & Most Complete Weight Gainer!MASS FREAK is created specifically for bodybuilders and hardgainers who are looking to quickly pack on pounds of rock-hard mass! MASS FREAK's comprehensive formula provides your body with the precise combination of calories and nutrients it needs to stimulate new muscle growth - FAST!MASS FREAK Delivers:- Superior quality musclebuilding calories for maximum muscle growth and recovery! - 20 grams of Glutamine and Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) in every serving! - Fortified with digestive enzymes, fiber and essential fatty acids (EFAs) - Time-Released Carbohydrates for Maximum Muscle Strength & Recovery! - 50 grams of Superior-Quality Protein per serving!How does the MASS FREAK formula work?MASS FREAK's comprehensive formula provides your body with superior-quality Calories, 20 grams of Glutamine & Branch Chain Amino Acids, 50 grams of fast & slow digesting Proteins, time-released Carohydrates as well as Enzymes, Fiber and Essential Fatty Acids to stimulate maximum muscle growth - fast! How does MASS FREAK's blend of fast and extended-release carbohydrates work to enhance mass gains?MASS FREAK's 1:3 simple carb to total carb ratio is designed for maximum anabolic impact. Including enough high glycemic carbs to help drive the protein into your muscle cells is part of that strategy. This fast and extended-release carbohydrate blend found in Mass Freak will also shuttle nutrients straight to your muscles to replenish glycogen, maximize cell volumization, and improve recovery and performance. What is the best way to use MASS FREAK?Mix 2-4 scoops with 12-24 oz of cold water or milk. The best time to consume MASS FREAK is first thing in the morning and immediately after your workouts. The fast-acting carbohydrates found in Mass Freak work to stimulate the insulin spike necessary to maximize the anabolic response (kick-start protein synthesis) after training and when you are in a fasted state (first thing in the morning). I'm a hardgainer. How does MASS FREAK work to help me pack on maximum muscle?MASS FREAK is formulated specifically for hardgainers/ectomorphs whose bodies naturally burn through calories faster than others, Mass Freak provides an ample amount of proteins, carbohydrates (sustained and fast release) and fats to simultaneously combat calorie/muscle wasting in order to help build muscle. The Mass Freak formula does so by optimizing the production of insulin, a nutrient-storing hormone. Insulin shuttles the high amounts of nutrients (amino acids, glucose and free fatty acids) found in the Mass Freak formula directly into the muscles where they can be utilized for energy production, repair and growth.   Így is ismerheti: MASS FREAK 6800 g, MASSFREAK6800g, MASS FREAK 6800g, MASSFREAK-6800g, MASS FREAK - 6800 g
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